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Content Creation: On Time, Every Time It'll blow your mind.

Luv Multimedia is an content creation, literary and animation production house that provides "to spec" script development and general freelance writing services. With expertise in the realm of SEO blog posting, web copywriting, article creation, B2B correspondence and script formulation, we are ready and able to assist you with your SEO content or script writing needs.

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Films: Animation Beyond Imagination See for yourself.

Luv Multimedia established its CGI film division in order to move animation into a deeper realm of storytelling. At Luv Multimedia, we see animation as another film-making device and seek to tell a wide range of stories via this medium. These tales range from kid friendly PG-13 to exotica TVMA. At Luv Multimedia, we believe animation should explore all boundaries and are pushing the envelope further than it has ever gone before.

Alicia R. Norman, CEO and founder

Alicia R. Norman is a freelance writer as well as a graphic Illustrator/animator. Norman's primary goal is combine the vivid storytelling with animation in order to make scintillating, fun and/or thought provoking films. As a content provider, Alicia R. Norman is driven to create quality compositions at affordable prices. With several years of experience in media production, Alicia brings a takes great pride in delivering a top notch quality product, on time, every time.

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