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I am going back to some of my old works in 2020 as I hover between work and play.

Alicia R Norman

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And so it goes, you get so busy and your life takes so many turns, that your lose your passion a bit. For me, both music and erotica set my soul aflame as it touches on two aspects of my inner being: my sexuality and my inspirations.

As a recluse, I have always been voluntarily holed up inside my house, but there is something kinda different about having a dark reason to stay inside versus choice. It made me think about the things I still wanted to do in spite of numerous projects, one of which is with the NAPOLEON DYNAMITE producer, Sean Covel. I am looking forward to finishing sometime this millennium.

Like a bolt from out the blue, two old friends emerged to nudge me back towards the work I had forgotten. One was a fan of my earlier erotic storyline HEART OF DEATH, which detailed Persephone the Scamp and her sexual journey from frightened maiden to self-assured no-nonsense Goddess. Said Buddy wondered why I simply abandoned a story she felt was unique and darkly fun. I didn’t have an answer save to say I was now working a bonafide remote 9-5er and then, there is this aforementioned colossal Sean Covel project which has me equal parts excited and terrified.

I reasoned that I could toss a few spare hours here and there to finish my first bonafide graphic novel, now entitled DEVILISH, and mah bud said she would help me market it when done. Well, there yah go.

My other online muse, Marina, aka sexyfitchchic on Instagram, told me to start songwriting again. It’s almost as if she had heard me woefully singing in the kitchen and missing the stage a few days previously. I shrugged and said, “Okay Universe, why the heck not?” I am good at juggling and what better time to juggle than when locked inside a cave from which one should not escape?

Yeah, movie biz on hold, I will take this time to sing, to illustrate and hopefully, get some of the old juices pouring into my very first loves, after all, they lead me down the road that I am on now. Only fair to wake them up again to play.

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