Award Winning Sci-Fi script "Journeyers" offered First look Option from Yardline

"Journeyers" lands a first look deal with Yardline Films of ATL 2019

Alicia R. Norman

2 minute read

Asher, Dani and Aja

I have been very lucky to align myself with the tremendously talented Yardline Films team of Atlanta for my freshmen voyage into live action filmmaking, no joke. As a writer, I was able to sit in on casting for “Dandelions” as well as lend a voice to the process, unheard of for a newbie to the process.

I was then invited to watch the filming, another invaluable experience that I cherish took lot’s ‘O Pics my friends… lol

So, I was 1,000 watts excited when producer Jeff Ridgway of Yardline told me he was interested in adding my sci-fi script “Journeyers” to his 2019 film slate.


My fervent hope is that super talented director Jason Winn puts his vision into the piece. From my shared experience with Winn on “Dandelions.” he is a very intuitive filmmaker with an creative mind and a great POV. If he puts his eye towards the work I know the tale will just exceed my wildest ideas.

As it stands though we’re not sure yet. Fingers crossed.

Still in the beginning stages of everything but have high hopes to learn when and where we are heading with “Journeyer’s” soon. More news to come in this realm, so keep your eyes glued here for future developments mah peeps!

Peace and light.


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