LMM Patreon Launch Promises Luv, Sex, and Magick

Patreon Launch Promises Luv and Sex and Magick!

Alicia R. Norman

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With so much going on in the realm of filmmaking this year, I’ve had very little time to devote to one of my first loves: fantasy erotica. While I really enjoy the puzzle piecing of screenwriting, I adore getting into the nitty gritty with the details of creating naughty naughty stuffs, especially erotic animation and VR, which can be challenging but oh so rewarding when done right.

I promised myself a revisit in 2019, with the idea of bringing further attention to Isabella, Aaron and the Spirit Grove Gang. Been working them up since the late 90s when it was called Spirit Gum, to the early 2000s when it was Portalz, and it is perhaps about time the new and improved version, Luv and Magick, gets a turn in the spotlight.

Thus, my Luv and Magick Patreon was born.

My goal is to release a 20 image Pin Up spread every Thursday to showcase of the ladies and/or guys of the LNM lineup. Spit balling the name as “Thursday’s Hawtie”, but that could change. These will be followed by an end of the month release of a full, soft erotica video with coinciding comics coming periodically throughout the year

I’ll of course welcome ideas and such from patrons who come to check out my wares, but won’t make promises as to what I can do as I have a small render farm and I am doing a lot of this myself.

In short, Luv and Magick will be a labor of love and I hope it shows.

The Patreon Link:


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