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A One Stop Creative Resource

Looking for a talented visual artist, content marketer, or ghostwriter? An SEO Specialist? An AI prompt creator and cover illustrator or perhaps a good read while nestled on a bay window bench with a good cappuccino?


Luv Multimedia offers it all (well, minus the cappuccino) in a creative services suite that is diverse and multi-purpose.

Pitch Deck Creation and Coverage Services

Craft a professional film proposal



When you finally get that once-in-a-lifetime chance to present your movie concept to a big payer, you want to ensure every aspect is flawless!

Screenplay coverage and creating an expert pitch deck that meets industry standards can help you stand out from the crowd and appear knowledgeable.

Contact us right away to learn more about what Luv Multimedia can do to help you get prepared.


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AI and CGI Illustration

Need artwork for your latest book cover, fashion concept art, or desire custom character creation? Luv Multimedia provides art, CGI illustration, and even short animations at a reasonable price.  Check out our art-related gallery here, and feel free to shoot questions our way at the link below: Contact Us Today

LMM's Honey Drop Books

Kindle Vellas
and eBooks

Got Romance?


Kindle Vella is fast becoming the go-to for bite-sized media. These mini-books are perfect for people who love to write but have very little time to do so.


Amazon's Kindle eBook series is also another vehicle for avante-garde artists to publish and present their work to the masses.

Luv Multimedia's eBook "Honey Drop" and Vella series "The Wizard's' Lover" offer provocative romantic fantasy serials that promise to get your pulse racing and your imagination flowing!

Check both steamy works out by clicking the links below:

Honey Drop


The Wizard's Lover

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