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Biography and body of work

Luv Multimedia's Alicia Norman offers a wide variety of literary and artistic services based on her past experience with studios and marketing boutiques. Below is just a handful of places and companies she has worked with in the past decade.


Screenplay Coverage


Alicia Norman became one of the top coverage analysts for WeScreenplay and later, Coverfly and Screencraft. Clients were often satisfied with their coverage, stating it was actionable, clear, and consistently pertinent to the genre and plot. Contact us today to learn more about this service.

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Screenplay Consultant and Spec Writer

2018-to present

Alicia not only assisted producer Jeff Ridgway and director Jason Winn with spec script production, she has also worked alongside Steve Chato of Wald Productions in LA to craft horror scripts. She often is called upon by all three to assist with occasional screenplay coverage. (above image is from the set of Yardline Film's "Dandelions," which was written by Alicia Norman.)


Content Writing, Illustration, Pitch Deck Creation

2019 - present

Alicia juggled content marketing, SEO writing, character illustration, storyboard, and pitch deck creation for various companies, including but not limited to Yardline Films, Articles and Beyond, McGill Designs, Lightstream Media, and Right Networks/Rootworks in 2023.

Luv Multimedia also offers short animation services...

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