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EATERS is The Little Engine That Could!

So, today, I received notice that "EATERS" has received another accolade- it placed in the semifinals of the Outstanding Screenplays TV Pilot Competition hosted on the Coverfly platform.

The announcement was as follows.

Hi Alicia,
Great news: your script, Eaters, is advancing to the Semifinalist round of the Outstanding Screenplays TV Pilot Competition (2023). Congratulations!
Thank you sincerely for sharing your writing with us.

Pretty cool, right!

Now, don't get me wrong--I am hellah excited. EATERS is currently in the top 3% of pilots in the horror drama category on The Red List. That is a lot to celebrate! It is also fantastic and affirming to have so many wins--it makes industry people take notice. I only hope one of these wins will culminate in representation or placement.

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!

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